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Pleas update so I can use it for the new iPhone update


App doesn't work at all on my iPhone 6 with latest iOS. First time opening the app, I get a warning message that this app will not be supported in future versions of iOS. After dismissing the message, I get a weird looking screen and can't interact with the app. Either some sort of an attempt at an iPhone virus or just junk. Don't waste the time or the 99c.

I want a refund

I'm not sure how this app was ever approved. Despite my troubleshooting, the app couldn't access my music, so now I'm stuck with just a timer.

This App does NOTHING!! Just got ripped off

Nothing happens at ALL when I open this app. Scam!

Don't Buy This

This app deleted all my music on my phone. No lie. Awful awful.

Not worth the $.99 - it's bad

It goes mute between songs on my iPhone4 which is a definite party killer. It also freezes up when trying to set up a custom list.

Works great but one thing is missing

The app works great! But the option to avoid song change after a round ends doesn't work. The music will stop playing but the round will change and timer will continue to count down. Seeing as the developer hasn't updated this in two years I am sad to say its probably never going to be fixed. If the developer kept up with the updates and lil bug issues, this would be an app that you should surely pay .99 for or more.

Good app.

I have had this app for a long time and enjoy it. I really wish it would be updated though to either work in the background so I can lock my phone and it still work, or for it to use the proximity sensor so I can put my phone down facedown to conserve battery life. Also, iPhone 5 support would be great!

Love this app!!

Love this app but am having a problem with the notifications. When I try to to have the half way notification the song will not start up again.


Integrates music, notifications and customizable round lengths. Been using it on my iPod touch for a year for boxing workouts and couldn't be happier.

Great app!

Works well on my iPod touch and is a lot easier than manually making power hours! Definitely recommend this app if you like to power hour.

Pretty handy app

Works fine on my iPhone 4. It has lots of different options and sounds. Makes a power hour a lot easier. My one complaint is the app's lack of multitasking capability. For instance, if I'm running the app and get a text message, switching to that text message pauses the timer on this app. This forces everyone to wait while I respond to the text message. See how that could get annoying over the course of a power hour (or three)? My friends and I have resorted to calling "not it" on having to run the app since the person who runs it can't use his/her phone for the duration of the game. Please update it so the app will run in the background!


I heard about this app from a friend and since it was only 99 cents, I went for it when our group was pregaming before a night out. It was a hit! Very easy to use and just in case an embarrassing song comes up in the shuffle, you can easily skip over it. This app works well with my iPhone model: the 3Gs. And my only complaint is that the music only plays as loud as the phone, so if you don't have another speaker, you might not notice the song change. Cheers!


Awesome if you can make it an hour :)


I wouldn't even give this ONE star! it says it will work on itouches but IT DOESN'T. worthless.


This definitely made it easier to focus on hanging out and drinking rather than staring at the clock waiting for the next minute. I have the iPhone and it worked great.


Does not work for my Ipod Touch. RIPOFF!

Awesome app for getting tore up

The way this app changes the songs for you while playing . It takes the pressure off you! It pulls songs from your iTunes library and randomly plays them for you while counting down the rounds! Great app and a lifesaver for me and my friends to drink to.


im stupid or this app does not work for i touch. tell me why i cant get it from my computer to my i pod crap crap crap


Perfect app for getting some rounds in, real talk


Love this app. Certainly an essential for anyone who considers themselves fratty. The song changes come at good times in the next song. Keeps the flow and the drinking fun.

Love it

This app works very well and Makes it a lot easier on me...no More spending time on making a power hour cd! Love it!


Perfect. If you're lookin for this type of app you can't go wrong with this one and that means a lot from me cuz I've went through about 6 different ones already lol this ones best so far

Finally, a way to get really trashed right on my iPhone!

I enjoyed getting trashed while using this app. The interface was easy to understand and use....a definite plus when you are trashed. Just a great idea and brilliant execution!!! Way to go Logan Sease! GET TRASHED!!!!

best app of its kind so far

I actually have been trying to find the perfect power / music hour app for a while. This is the best so far- it is the most versatile--- so many good options and features. This developer is great about adding new features that you suggest! 5 stars, for sure though- buy this!

really good app

Thanks for this great app. I got it when it was free-- that was nice! The app is really cool. I recommend it for anyone who wants a quality timer app, especially if you want a musical timer. Its been well worth my money (jokes!)


This is a solid timer application and it would be sweet to use for a power... er music hour. So far I am very happy with my purchase- keep the updates coming!

Power Hour!

I've been waiting for a good power hour application to come out for iphone. I used to have ipowerhour for my old ipod and have been wondering when one would come out for iphone. At last this satisfies my needs. This really works great!

MMA work outs

I use this at my gym as a round timer for MMA work outs. It is a solid round timer with alot of features!

Best Round timer I

This is not your typical round timer. Its actually alot better. I like to put it on while I run so that I run in intervals. The song changing at the beginning of every rounds keeps me into my run. I really like all the options available. This is highly configurable!

Amazing for coaches

When I first bought this, the "pause during rest" and "timer sound" didn't work, but the newest update fixed those issues. The features of this app are amazing and are very helpful to me as a coach. I can now run drills without watching a stopwatch and can instead watch and help the kids.

Get Drunk

Way easier than making a power hour.

Solid App

Well worth $1. This thing has many purposes... working out or as a party app, or to satisfy my a.d.d. when listening to music. I love it


Don't waste your time or money with the other music hour apps, this is the best one. I wasted $5 trying the others out--- wish someone would have saved me the money and told me what I'm telling you.


This is awesome


i like this.

We spoke & you listened!!!

This is by far the best round timer available on here. Thank you!!!

Just what I was looking for.

This is exactly what I've been seeking in a good workout interval timer! I love that it works through my workout playlist. It can be a little annoying if it changes songs when I'm in the middle of one I like. But at least I don't get bored :) I have it set for 1 minute intervals with a 3 minute rest in between ...during the "rest" I walk a regular pace, then pour it on for one minute to get my HR up then drop back to the regular pace. I know I'll find it invaluable! You've saved me from having to take a little kitchen timer along on my walks.

Love it!!

I'm a PE teacher and I have been looking for an app like this forever! I use my iPod in class all the time for music and I'm constantly having to stop the music tell the kids to rotate when we are doing station work. This allows me to walk around the room and not have to run and stop the music when its time to rotate. Only thing it needs is a way to stop and reset or a back button.

Great app but....

I Like this app, I would like to adjust the round sound level cause sometimes the bells kill my ears with headphones on. I'd also like an option to not change the song at the start of the round. Also would like to have rounds up to 5 min. Very picky, and dont get me wrong this app is very cool and great to use just what I'd like to see in an update

Perfect for Tabata

This is perfect for my workout type which is tabata. This is so multifunctioning that I can't see doing a workout the old way again. I set it and then get to work.

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